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About us

About us



S.C.RETRASIB S.A. SIBIU is a company specialized in the manufacturing of equipments of the power grid and distribution.  

In 1895 was founded the HEV (Hermannstadter Electrizitat Werk- Electrica l Plant Sibiu) with Swiss capital, whose main activity was the production  of electrical energy. In 192 4 was founded an anonymous company named The Company of Electricity Transylvania, which mainly deals with the power grid and distribution in the south of Transylvania.  



For the internal needs of these companies and especially for HEV, between 1917 and 1945, there were built several workshops designed for repairing and maintenance ac ivities such as: carpentry, turnery, forging, welding and  winding, where there were repairing engines up to 5 kW and transformers up to 400 KVA. 
In 1948, after nationalization, by merging the two electric companies, results the Regional Electricity Company Sibiu (SRE). After 1948, SRE Sibiu continues its development process, at the same  time with the development and the expansion of the energy system. Starting with 1953 there were discussions about reorganizing the winding workshop, respectively about the modernization and the specific endowments in order to repair high power transformers. 
The activity of repairing during the years 1956-1957, the first power transformer of 20 MVA, 110/5,5 kV, came from VEM (Germania), was practically the beginning of the rehabilitations made by S.C. Retrasib S.A. This activity becomes permanent in 1958 when it was established the repairing hall for electrical machines and high power transformers, at the same time with the reorganization of the MEE entities and with its renaming in The Company of Electric Networks Sibiu (IRE).

If in 1957 had been repaired only a transformer of 20 MVA whose repairing lasted for almost a year, in 1976 there had been repairing 18 transformers with powers higher than 10 MVA, the duration of the repairing being shortened, in average, at 90 days. During 1960 - 1975, in IRE Sibiu’s workshops, there were repaired, for the energy system, almost 400 transformers with powers higher than 1 MVA. 

In parallel with the repairs, it also started the energy equipment manufacturing, such as: arc suppression coils, earthing transformers and coils, resistors for neutral treatment of electrical networks,  special transformers for tests, products needed for average and low voltage networks (clamps, fittings, brackets, caps, alcoves branching).   

In 1977 started the construction for a new production base meant to repair big transformers, nearby Sibiu Sud 400/220/110 kV station. The construction was finished in two stages, in 1982 and 1986 and it consisted of a repairing workshop for transformers from 1 MVA to 40 MVA, having a slide bridge of 80/20 tf, an untanking workshop for transformers up to 400 MVA, having a slide bridge of 320/80 tf, a vacuum drying workshop (autoclave of 400 cubic meters), a high voltage laboratory for electrical tests, a mechanic workshop, an oil workshop and a chemical laboratory for the dielectric oil analysis.  


 In April 1993, RETRASIB detaches from the Ministry of the Electrical Energy and started to make the first step towards becoming a commercial private company.

 Starting from 1999 S.C. RETRASIB S.A. is a private company. 

Surface : 30.000 sqm, access with trailer and railway.

Number of employees : 202.

Our Mission



Dear Partners and Friends,

We are hereby gladly informing you about our start being a member of SGB-SMIT Group – the “Partners in Power” Group, since October 30th 2014.

Who is SGB-SMIT?

SGB-SMIT is a leading transformer manufacturer in Europe with a worldwide clientele of utility companies and industries. The SGB-SMIT staff of approx. 1,900 employees produces power transformers, cast resin and oil distribution transformers in five factories, located in four countries. The production sites are Regensburg and Neumark (Germany), Nijmengen (Netherlands), Nilai (Malaysia), Luisville Ohio (USA), and now Sibiu (Romania) – the 6th factory in the 5th country.

What is RETRASIB’s role within the Group?

RETRASIB is to continue to expand its leading position on the home market, develop its position on the allocated markets and fill the product gap within the SGB-SMIT portfolio at international level.

We are happy to share herewith this news with you and to continue developing our business together.





Dragi prieteni si parteneri,

Prin prezenta, va informam cu bucurie ca RETRASIB a devenit membru al Grupului SGB-SMIT –  grupul “Partners in Power” din 30 octombrie 2014.

Cine este SGB-SMIT?

SGB-SMIT este unul dintre liderii in productia de transformatoare din Europa, furnizor la nivel mondial pentru operatorii de energie si industrie. Staff-ul SGB-SMIT de cca. 1,900 angajati produce transformatoare de putere, transformatoare de distributie in ulei si rasina, in cinci fabrici localizate in patru tari. Unitatile de productie sunt Regensburg si Neumark (Germania), Nijmengen (Olanda), Nilai (Malaezia), Louisville Ohio (SUA) si acum SIBIU (Romania) – a 6-a fabrica in a 5-a tara.

Care este rolul RETRASIB în cadrul Grupului?

RETRASIB va continua sa isi dezvolte pozitia de lider pe piata locala, isi va intari pozitia pe pietele alocate si va “umple golul” de produse pentru portofoliul SGB-SMIT la nivel international.

Suntem bucurosi sa impartasim cu dumneavoastra aceasta veste si sa continuam buna noastra colaborare.