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Representative products


  • Transformers and autotransformers for power transmission
    Design, production, factory testing, delivery, assembly, on-site testing, commissioning, maintenance and after market services for:
    Three-phased regulating/non-regulating oil-filled transformers and autotransformers with:
    • - powers output up to 600 MVA ;
    • - nominal voltages up to 500 kV ;
    • - cooling systems: ONAN, ONAF, OFAF, ODAF ;
    • - on-load  regulation ;
    • - using low loss oriented steel, accurate cut/laser treated ;
    • - using  highly conductive insulated copper for helical/continuous/interleaved windings ;
    • - using environmental-friendly dielectric oil ;
    • - auxiliary protection devices like: online monitoring system/firefighting system, etc.
    designed and produced according to the international standards: IEC 60076, EN or ANSI.
    Our focus is the continuous improvement of our products and services. Therefore, we concentrate on developing and applying new methods for continuous:
    •       - losses levels reduction ;
    •       - noise levels reduction ;
    •       - anti-corrosive protection and ;
    •       - environment protection
  • Transformers for power distribution
  • Special transformers and autotransformers
  • Maintenance and modernization works